• Head Only $420 inc GST
  • Blows the Excalibur out of the water
  • Revolutionary Design
  • Left Handed Available
  • Built to Last Decades
  • Designed for Scribing

NEW 5.2 AMP 18V Metabo Battery Drill
…with 50% more battery life



Worlds Fastest Cordless Sheet Metal Shears

Now available in left and right interchangeable cutting heads!

We’ve spent over 10 years developing and refining the KWIK SNIP shears to make them the best product in their class. By design, they are built to last and we have original fittings from over a decade ago that work just as well today!

Put simply, KWIK SNIP is faster than the competition and cuts metal like a hot knife through butter. REMEMBER : Scribing is now required by law on roofing construction and this tool will save you HOURS of time and money!


Kwik Snip – Metal Shears

YouTube Preview Image

Kwik Snip – Metal Shears – In-Depth Look

In this video, Geoff McNamara from McNamara Roofing gives an in-depth look into the great features of the Kwik Snip Metal Shears.

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Kwik Snip Metal Shears – Cutting Demonstration

YouTube Preview Image